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Serena And Calem by Nessaka Serena And Calem :iconnessaka:Nessaka 1 0 Rainbow Dash Fly By by Nessaka Rainbow Dash Fly By :iconnessaka:Nessaka 1 0
Pink and Purple Polka Dots
Purple, pink and blue hearts.
Lots of polka dots.
Rainbows, and blossoms arrayed.
Sparkling eyes, lovely butterflies.
Leaves from all the trees.
Snowy wonderland.
Burning cheeks, rosy puckered lips.
Chilly hands together.
But even in this weather, warmth.
Longs hours become short, staring in the souls.
Fast beating, no hearts bleeding.
Dancing fires contained.
Gliding fast, passerbyers gasp.
Another two down the slope.
Just another couple? Maybe to one person or another.
But to the two, not just a normal together, but a special close.
Scents, of another.
Aromas of the lovers' happiness.
Smells of all the seasons, but the snowy being the best.
Beneath it all, there is love and a calm.
A blanket of holding love.
Whether physical or not.
Under that blanket they share,
It doesn't matter when or where.
But it does what it's supposed to. Keep the warmth.
Blanket of love? Maybe, perhaps.
But I think they like to call it the love that lasts. <3
:iconnessaka:Nessaka 0 0
Beating down on the plight below,
Beach goers, sand nuts, surfers, and lovers alike.
A start, a moment in time.
One that’s hard to forget.
Your body feels like it's glowing with heat.
Each drop intensifies it's plot
To burn you with its rays.
And yet peering from the cold crisp air.
Unseasonably weather, and yet typical there.
A careful paradise where lovers' wed elope.
How I wish I could join you
Amongst the sand slopes.
And ponder I do,
and shimmer into light.
My hips swing towards your dozed off form,
Bending down to your chest,
I wake you with a kiss.
Soft, breathless, and trifle.
Your eyes quiver then open.
"Hello there, angel."
Laying down with you,
My hand enclosed in yours.
A small embrace and now we're strolling
On tenured coast.
Running now,
Laughing now,
Smiles alight.
"I love you."
I hear these words escape my mouth.
"I love you too."
An echo almost with sun
And the waves making it scant to decode it clearly.
Then and there, my heart flutters and my vision clears
And I
:iconnessaka:Nessaka 2 9
Orbs Fill the Dying Sky Cut by Nessaka Orbs Fill the Dying Sky Cut :iconnessaka:Nessaka 2 0 A Hidden Lake by Nessaka A Hidden Lake :iconnessaka:Nessaka 0 0 Orbs Fill the Dying Sky by Nessaka Orbs Fill the Dying Sky :iconnessaka:Nessaka 3 6 Children of the Dead .Pixels. by Nessaka Children of the Dead .Pixels. :iconnessaka:Nessaka 0 0 Blue High by Nessaka Blue High :iconnessaka:Nessaka 4 5
Orange Hearts
No more confusion, not so worried.
The cabin in The Powder has come to stay.
Each flake melting on pale skin.
Fingers clasps, shivers in each body.
But together, the chill is not so harsh.
Smiling, gleaming hearts.
Here we stand and all we know, is that love is with us now.
An orange glow of a creeping sun.
The sunrise of a new day begun, the future becoming present, despite not knowing it's holding.
It's okay, we're not afraid...
We're alright, and I know we'll both make it.
:iconnessaka:Nessaka 0 4
Fusion of Lovers by Nessaka Fusion of Lovers :iconnessaka:Nessaka 0 8
The Geometry of Our Hearts
Our hearts are adjacent,
You’ve heard this all before.
But somehow this time it’s different,
The congruence is higher,
Our thoughts are linear.
The orientation of our halves,
These neither convex nor concave polygons,
Become one.
Adjacent consecutive sides
Now touch.
:iconnessaka:Nessaka 1 7
The Powder
Sometimes. The blissful soft falling of snow amazes me, makes me tingle.
The feeling of meeting that person, under those white skies, the beautiful decoration scattered in each others' hair.
The top of the stairs, gazing over a white city. The joyfulness of things to come, and the understanding of life's wishes.
Things don't always turn out like we hope. And though, it hurts at the first few times of thinking about it, it eventually brings a relief..
Relief, not because you're relieved you didn't see that person. No.
Not that at all. The thinking is... the next time I see that person, I get to make more memories again, plan more times together.
Hanging on, obsession, lust. None of those apply. Love like that is found in desperate places.
Desperation, can fool anyone into thinking they are in love.
To experience, love, you'll know when it happens.
The purest form of love, falling  in it.
And even so, prefix to this all...
and continues on in the during and forever a
:iconnessaka:Nessaka 0 5
Zachary Pose by Nessaka Zachary Pose :iconnessaka:Nessaka 0 0 Puffy Trees by Nessaka Puffy Trees :iconnessaka:Nessaka 0 0 River Exposure by Nessaka River Exposure :iconnessaka:Nessaka 1 0


Tomb Raider 2013 by LauraCraftCosplay Tomb Raider 2013 :iconlauracraftcosplay:LauraCraftCosplay 56 15 Mercy vs Pharah - Justice Rains From Above by itzaspace Mercy vs Pharah - Justice Rains From Above :iconitzaspace:itzaspace 593 21 Mercy - wallpaper version by Seiorai Mercy - wallpaper version :iconseiorai:Seiorai 766 23 Mercy by Zolaida Mercy :iconzolaida:Zolaida 6,010 125 Torbjorn-Wallpaper-2560x1440 by PT-Desu Torbjorn-Wallpaper-2560x1440 :iconpt-desu:PT-Desu 27 0 Overwatch - Bastion being Bastion Wallpaper by PT-Desu Overwatch - Bastion being Bastion Wallpaper :iconpt-desu:PT-Desu 11 1 Overwatch - He dreamt he was a butterfly by PT-Desu Overwatch - He dreamt he was a butterfly :iconpt-desu:PT-Desu 24 1 Overwatch Mercy 1920x1080 wallpaper by Ioruko Overwatch Mercy 1920x1080 wallpaper :iconioruko:Ioruko 330 10 Grumpy Felyne by FonteArt Grumpy Felyne :iconfonteart:FonteArt 473 59 Overwatch  D.VA by 2AODesign Overwatch D.VA :icon2aodesign:2AODesign 226 8 Lucina by sakimichan Lucina :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,992 343 Sket Dance : Bossun by viospace Sket Dance : Bossun :iconviospace:viospace 118 56 Connie's Internets by Omny87 Connie's Internets :iconomny87:Omny87 182 46 SKET DANCE! Onizuka Himeko. by keiko-z SKET DANCE! Onizuka Himeko. :iconkeiko-z:keiko-z 24 4 A Man They Call Soos by Soaryn-Bird A Man They Call Soos :iconsoaryn-bird:Soaryn-Bird 15 1 Mayushii by Kuvshinov-Ilya Mayushii :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 7,858 225



I attended the local anime convention and put together a Pokemon XY cosplay as the female trainer/Serena from the anime.

I've found a revival in my creative abilities and I'm hoping from here I can do more.

Here's to a new start!
  • Listening to: Into the Labyrinth by Kraddy
  • Reading: My Little Pony: Volume 5
  • Watching: Bakemonogatori/Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Playing: Five Nights at Freddy's
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